Review: Normal People by Sally Rooney

Sally Rooney’s novels have away of finding me right when I need them most, and they always hurt my feelings.  There’s not much I can say about Normal People that other reviewers haven’t already said, so I’ll be brief. I liked Conversations With Friends quite a lot when I read it this time last year,Continue reading “Review: Normal People by Sally Rooney”

Brilliant settings, rather upsetting: Welcome To Braggsville and The Gamal

March is funny (and not only because it bloody snowed this week, upon the first day of spring, hardy har har what a laugh.)  I spent the entire first week of the month getting through a single book, Welcome To Braggsville, which I liked immensely but couldn’t rush.  Then I devoured five books in the followingContinue reading “Brilliant settings, rather upsetting: Welcome To Braggsville and The Gamal”

Book Review: Tam Lin by Pamela Dean

Star Ratings Characters: *** (3 stars) Character Development: ** (2 stars) Plot: ** (2 stars) Writing : *** (3 stars) Overall: ** (2 stars) Age range recommendation: 15 + (Mostly because the academic subject matter might be boring to many younger readers, not due to any particular graphic unpleasantness.) I was so excited to finallyContinue reading “Book Review: Tam Lin by Pamela Dean”

Thoughts: A Book Hangover after The Secret History by Donna Tartt

This isn’t a proper review.  I don’t know if I’m smart enough to write a real review of The Secret History, and I’m certainly not feeling eloquent or organized enough to attempt one right now.  Instead, here’s an excerpt from my latest blog post about how hard it is to return to the real worldContinue reading “Thoughts: A Book Hangover after The Secret History by Donna Tartt”