The Author

I’m Sarah and I write book reviews.  I sell books at The Concord Bookshop, where I recommend stories to young people and pretend to understand what adults are saying.  People who support their local indie bookshop are proven to be good looking, intelligent, and universally adored.

I once intended to be a pirate and have yet to ditch that dream.

Educated at the University of St Andrews, with a dissertation entitled “Innocent and Heartless: Violence in 20th Century Children’s Literature.”

I mostly read fiction, with occasional ventures into history and memoir.  My childhood was largely defined by Anne Shirley, Lemony Snicket, the Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, Little Women, and all those paperback fantasy books you could find in elementary school libraries at the end of the nineties (you know, with dragons on the cover and kids with rolled denim trousers staring off in the distance…).

Special interests include Scottish and Irish fiction, magical realism, books about books, and anything that ends in a hanging.

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