Unhappy Women Being Mysterious In Paris part II: Unbecoming

Earlier this month I noticed that my reading habits had taken on a brief trend: books about secretive young woman hiding from their problems in Paris.  Patrick Modiano’s In The Café Of Lost Youth introduced me to the inscrutable, magnetic, restless Louki.  The book’s three other narrators found themselves consumed with interest in Louki’s past, herContinue reading “Unhappy Women Being Mysterious In Paris part II: Unbecoming”

Book Review: Widow Basquiat by Jennifer Clement

Star Ratings for Nonfiction Writing: ****  (4 stars) Narrative: **** (4 stars) Interesting Subject: ***** (5 stars) Objectivity and research: *** (3 stars) Overall: **** (4 stars) (I read an ARC of Widow Basquiat so a few details may have changed since publication.) Widow Basquiat gives a very personal and poetic account of Basquiat’s journeyContinue reading “Book Review: Widow Basquiat by Jennifer Clement”

Book Review: The Lobster Kings by Alexi Zentner

Star Ratings: Characters: *****  (5 stars) Character Development: ***** (5 stars) Plot: **** (4 stars) Writing: ***** (5 stars) Overall: ***** (5 stars) Age range recommendation: 16+ (language, violence including sexual violence) I’m mostly on vacation right now, but I couldn’t wait to review this book. (I say “mostly” because I drove back from AcadiaContinue reading “Book Review: The Lobster Kings by Alexi Zentner”