An Apology From The Future

Guess who was living one day ahead of Real Life for all of yesterday.  Ahoy!  ‘Twas me.  TONIGHT is World Book Night.

Read Code Name Verity – it’s spectacular.

TODAY is Shakespeare’s Birthday.

source. Sorry Will!  You don’t look a day older.

So TONIGHT you might see World Book Night givers wandering around in public places, bent a little sideways under the weight of 20 books they think that people would enjoy.  I know it sounds suspicious – free books with no strings attached, no signing away your soul or trying to think of a fake email address on the spot?  But for once it’s not too good to be true.  No sneaky shenanigans, they’re just trying to spread the love of reading.  Take a book and ask why they loved it.  They might convince you to love it, too.

Now I have to reconcile myself to getting through what will feel like the second Wednesday of my week.  Read on!


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